Melanie Clark


"Helping You Become A Tucsonan"

Melanie Clark


Being retired from Raytheon/Hughes (Defence Contactor) after 35 years in the Supply Chain Organization ... and a resident of Tucson for over 40 years,  I decided to use my experience  to help YOU become a "Tucsonan."   I believe in helping YOU see various areas of the greater Tucson region (Oro Valley, Marana, Vail, Sahuarta, Green Valley, Catalina, included) ... to help YOU make the right buying decision. I can isolate these amenities to help in our search.

Are you looking for specific amenities:

  • Gated Community
  • HOA (Home Owners Association)
  • Non-HOA
  • Luxury Home (typically $750K or more)
  • Townhouse



ePro - Electronic Communication (Internet)

SFR - I can help you find a Short Sale or Foreclosure as well as a Conventional-Sale home.

ABR- Accredited Buyers Representative

GRI - Graduate REALTOR® Institute 

In my personal time I like to go hiking as we have the most beautiful mountains surrounding Tuscon.  I play Chinese Mahjong at the Chinese Cultural Center.  I am also currently learning to speak Spanish as I would love to learn multiple other langauges.

My Service Locations:

  • Tucson, AZ
  • Oro Valley, AZ
  • Marana, AZ
  • Catalina Foothills, AZ

Taking Title in Arizona

Always consult your Tax or Lawyer Specialists to determine what is best for your circumstances.

Arizona is a community property state. There is statutory presumption that
all property acquired by husband and wife is community property.


Community property is a method of co-ownership for married persons
only. Upon death of one of the spouses, the deceased spouse’s interest will pass by either a will
or interstate succession.


A community property with right of
survivorship estate can be held by a husband and wife when created by express language in the
vesting document. Upon death of a spouse, the estate is vested in the surviving spouse and an
Affidavit Terminating Right of Survivorship, together with a certified copy of the death certificate
is recorded.


Joint tenancy is a method of co-ownership
that gives title to the real property to the last survivor. Title to real property can be acquired by
two or more individuals. If a married couple acquires title as joint tenants with right of survivorship,
they must specifically accept the joint tenancy to avoid the presumption of community property.


 A method of co-ownership when parties do not have survivorship rights
and each owns a specific undivided interest in the entire title. Each co-owner has a separate title
to his/her interest, and can transfer his/her interest without the other co-owners.


Real Property owned by a spouse before marriage or any acquired after
marriage by gift, devise, descent, or specific intent. If a married person acquires title as sole and
separate property, his or her spouse must execute a disclaimer deed.


 Title may be taken in the name of a corporation provided that the corporation
is duly formed and in good standing in the state of its incorporation.


Title may be taken in the name of a general partnership duly formed
under the laws of the state of the formation of the partnership. A partnership is defined as a
voluntary association of two or more persons as co-owners in a business for profit.


A partnership formed by two or more persons under laws of Arizona or
another state and having one or more limited partners. A certificate of limited partnership must
be filed in the office of the Secretary of State.


A limited liability company formed by two or more persons under
the law of Arizona or another state. A limited liability company operates similar to a partnership
with protection which is similar to a corporation. An Arizona limited liability company must be filed
with the State of Arizona.

Santa Catalina Mountains



The primary Mountain Ranges surrounding Tucson ALL provide "stunning views" to many properties, as well as spectacular hiking trails:

The Santa Catalina Mountains are to the North of Tucson

The Rincon Mountains are to the East of Tucson

The Santa Rita Mountains are to the South of Tucson

The Tucson Mountains are to the West of Tucson

Real Estate News

Fidelity National Financial adds new digital opening package for homebuyer and seller transactions
28 Feb

Fidelity National Financial adds new digital opening package for homebuyer and seller transactions

The startSafe opening package will be an add-on to Fidelity National Financial's WireSafe program and will provide an authenticated, secure digital portal for buyer and seller transactions.

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Broker dresses up as Joker clown in marketing video
28 Feb

Broker dresses up as Joker clown in marketing video

Broker AJ Powers put on face paint and a clown suit to show why so many agents fail not long after joining the real estate industry.

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John Daugherty Realtors files for bankruptcy 3 days after Douglas Elliman deal died
28 Feb

John Daugherty Realtors files for bankruptcy 3 days after Douglas Elliman deal died

On Tuesday, Douglas Elliman announced that it would not acquire John Daugherty Realtors as previously planned due to a "legal technicality." On Friday, Inman received a tip that John Daugherty Real Estate, Inc., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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Start Smart

Use technology and the Internet. No matter what some of the "older and more experienced" may tell you, you need the Internet to market in the real estate world today.

Price it Right

Activity in the first month of a listing is always the best, don't risk wasting it. Price too high, and scare off many buyers. Price too low, and you're leaving money on the table.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Studies show that home sellers who use a real estate agent to represent them generally get a better price than those who sell the home themselves.


Have any questions? Feel free to contact me